“I’ve been training with Brian at MCMA Muaythai since February and have lost near 2 stone in weight! I’m new to Thai boxing but every week we get pushed more and learn more, I really enjoy the training. I feel fitter, stronger, healthier and I’m tweaking my diet too with some changes Brian has suggested including some of the USANA Nutrimeals shakes, protein snacks around my diet, pre and post training for recovery. I’m Looking fwd to continuing on with my goal, most importantly setting a great example for my children to follow with the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.” – Carl De Silva , Bushey

Neil Wilson

I have been doing martial arts with David for a number of years and of late the new MCMA (Modern Combat Martial Arts) syllabus. I originally started this with no particular proficiency at the outset but saw this as a way of losing weight, gaining strength and of course self defence skills should I or my family ever be faced with such a situation we couldn’t otherwise avoid.

As well as achieving these I realised I was gaining other attributes; coordination, flexibility and confidence as a result. I have always found it difficult to stick to the same form of training as it tends to become stale after a while. However, with this form of training I have not found that to be the case, quite the opposite: The syllabus is varied and has maintained my interest, I find it rewarding to see my proficiency improve, My energy levels for home and work are much higher, An aspect I hadn’t thought about at all – being martial arts you have to concentrate and respect what you are doing – which means that during the classes I focus and fully switch off from my day to day activities and thoughts – a very welcome distraction from what is a busy life style. I thoroughly enjoy these classes and the skill sets I learn from them.

Paul Turgoose

The MCMA classes offer an effective way to learn new skills and practice them in a safe and controlled environment. Everyone is there for the right reasons and egos are left at the door. My 12-year old daughter has also been training for over a year and its been great for her self confidence.

Jenny Nilsson

The classes have been great. I have learnt how to defend myself against various types of attacks and I find the classes a great stress reliever. Last but not least, my fitness level has increased significantly! Every woman should feel comfortable walking home on their own at night and this class will give you the confidence to do just that. Thank you MCMA!

Jane Persell

I have trained in various kinds of martial arts over the last 30 years grading up to 2nd Dan black belt. As I’ve got older my priorities have changed as to what I want to gain from martial arts. I wanted a club that was good fun, but also challenging and help me lose weight and gain fitness. David’s class has done all of these things for me. I am slimmer, fitter, and healthier than I have been in over 10 years. Being an all ladies class we have a lot in common, we don’t have to worry about macho guys trying to prove who is the hardest, but don’t get me wrong there are a lot of feisty ladies at our club. No matter what your age or fitness level is you can train at your own pace. Whether that is to get fit and learn some self defence, or full on boxing/kick boxing with pads, where we are sweating like mad but enjoy every second. I look forward to every lesson and David is an excellent instructor who knows what he’s doing and what we ladies want to get the most out of each session. Most of all everyone is friendly and helpful and welcoming to new comers and we also know how to have a laugh. Thank you David for bringing my faith back to training.

Louise Wooldridge

When I first joined FCF I couldn’t hold a plank position or manage a sit up. I kept at it and now I have a strong core with boxing/kickboxing skills too!

Charmaine Clarke

I initially started this class as a sport to do over the summer but the great coaching, support from the other ladies, the amount of sweat produced and the fun we have has kept me coming now a year later.

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