Strength & Conditioning

MCMA offers Martial Arts Memberships & Also Martial Arts / Strength & Fitness Memberships. A fully functional training strength & conditioning gymnasium is also available for members – AMA Fitness which is next door to MCMA – Lots of offers are available to all members. Just inquire and receive all the benefits of AMA & MCMA Membership discounts.
Strength & Conditioning is extremely important for your health and safety within your training programme. You cannot train in such an environment and not be healthy and conditioned, otherwise you will eventually become ill or get injured. Please be ready for lots of strength and conditioning, modern martial arts and self defence training. Personal Training and Specific Programmes for Nutrition/Weight Loss & Fitness can be designed for all members.

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Strength & Conditioning

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KRAV MAGA – Modern Street Self Defence

MUAY THAI – ‘Thai Boxing’

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

GRAPPLING – Throws & Takedowns

Strength & Conditioning