Neil Wilson

I have been doing martial arts with David for a number of years and of late the new MCMA (Modern Combat Martial Arts) syllabus. I originally started this with no particular proficiency at the outset but saw this as a way of losing weight, gaining strength and of course self defence skills should I or my family ever be faced with such a situation we couldn’t otherwise avoid.

As well as achieving these I realised I was gaining other attributes; coordination, flexibility and confidence as a result. I have always found it difficult to stick to the same form of training as it tends to become stale after a while. However, with this form of training I have not found that to be the case, quite the opposite: The syllabus is varied and has maintained my interest, I find it rewarding to see my proficiency improve, My energy levels for home and work are much higher, An aspect I hadn’t thought about at all – being martial arts you have to concentrate and respect what you are doing – which means that during the classes I focus and fully switch off from my day to day activities and thoughts – a very welcome distraction from what is a busy life style. I thoroughly enjoy these classes and the skill sets I learn from them.

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