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Our MCMA ‘Young Warriors’ Programme ages 4 – 9yrs. Each grading level is displayed by different belt & stripe colours. The MCMA ‘Young Warriors’ training programme involves blocking, striking and ‘simple to learn and effective’ self defence techniques from standing & ground positions which incorporates Krav Maga, Traditional Ju Jitsu & Boxing. Each level will become more challenging for the student but with great rewards. MCMA will discipline your child and teach your child respect for themselves and others around them. With our extensive knowledge of fitness and conditioning along with our martial arts and self defence experience we keep our students healthy, fit and flexible, feeling stronger and more confident to tackle life’s challenges.

Kids, Junior & Teen Training Class Schedule – Kids & Junior classes run from Hatch End Pinner, South Harrow & Northolt Centres -Visit our online timetable to book your FREE TRIAL Lesson

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Kids Classes

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Kids Classes