Junior & Teen Classes

The MCMA –  KRAV MAGA ‘Junior & Teen’ Programme ages 9 – 13yrs also has a structured grading level syllabus displayed by full belt colours for our students to progress and work towards improving their skills. Either as a newcomer, or making the transition from our ‘Young Warriors’ programme into the ‘Junior & Teen Programme we can teach you the skills needed for modern day street self defence and martial arts.

Growing up, using public transport and walking the streets on their own can be dangerous territory, which is why MCMA has a specially designed specific programme focusing on certain situations and ‘real life’ scenarios. Once of age our Juniors & Teens can make the gradual transition into the adults classes which is available from the age of 14/16yrs depending on each individual student.

Visit our online Timetable to view our Junior Training Schedule – Our Junior Classes run in Hatch End Pinner, South Harrow & Northolt


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Junior & Teen Classes

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Junior & Teen Classes

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