Welcome to FIGHTING COMBAT FITNESS - KICK BOXING  which is specifically for WOMEN ONLY and offers all newcomers a FREE 1st training session to learn the basics and meet other members of the team. Thereafter full payment is required for either single sessions or training packages before participation.

FCF is our Women Only Kick Boxing Team which offers Kick Boxing Training for women wishing to train in a safe, welcoming environment, and learn different modern aspects of fitness and skill to become stronger and leaner using body weight fitness and conditioning training methods along with many striking and defence techniques. There is a Training Level Structure and grading syllabus to work towards but it is not compulsory as members can still just come to train and get fit!

For those that wish to train up to competition level, we can also offer you this opportunity to compete and fight in the ring.

What is BOX FIT? This is our Women’s Only non – contact Boxing class run by female instructors. The classes are for all levels, and great if you want to get fit and have a great workout and learn a few Boxing skills along the way. (Please view online timetable for more info)

*Please note if you are looking for self defence / protection training please visit the MCMA  class page which offers more specialised in depth aspects of self defence.

All members of FIGHTING COMBAT FITNESS are to wear training wraps & boxing / Muay Thai gloves and be prepared to train bare foot, or purchase martial arts grip socks. The correct training clothes are to be worn when participating. Beginners and newcomers can use our club equipment until ready to purchase their own.


Visit our online Timetable and view all Women’s Only classes and book your FREE TRIAL class today! Or simply email us and we will send you full information.

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