Modern Combat Martial Arts (MCMA) – KRAV MAGA & Street Self Defence Training for Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Levels. The Syllabus involves Striking/Blocking/Standing Escapes/Throwing/Ground Fighting & Weapon Defence Training. There is a lot to learn and it will take years to become technically skilled but we believe that if you have the correct mindset you can become confident and learn how to defend yourself using the essential elements within the early phases of training. MCMA is Associated with KRAV MAGA HAIM ZUT – ISRAEL.


Modern Combat Martial Arts (MCMA) – MUAY THAI training for all levels from beginners to professional competitive full contact fighters. Offering many opportunities to train with some of the best instructors and coaches to achieve maximum striking skills, using the ‘Art of Eight Limbs’ which is the Muay Thai way. If you just want to train and get fit and strong and healthy then we are here to help you achieve your goals. If you want to get in the ring and compete we are here to make that dream happen. MCMA is Associated with the MUAY THAI Federation and Thailand Fight Teams.


Modern Combat Martial Arts (MCMA) – BRAZILIAN JIU – JITSU instructed by our head coach Leonardo Queiroz a 3rd Degree Brazilian Jiu – Jitsu Black Belt originally from Brazil. Classes and training for all levels from the complete beginner to an advanced ground fighter. The Art of Ground Fighting was mastered in Brazil and now continues to grow World Wide and has had a massive influence within the MMA Fight Teams around the World.  MCMA offers Brazilian Jiu – Jitsu  (Gi) and also (No – Gi – Grappling). MCMA is Associated with ‘CHECK MAT’ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

MCMA is affiliated and linked to many highly respected individuals and training centres, within the Martial Arts & Self Defence industry. Seminars in the U.K. & Training Camps abroad are also on offer and available throughout the year for all of our members.

Newcomers to martial arts or even experienced martial artists are welcomed, as there is always something new and exciting to learn in our training sessions.

Why Join MCMA?

  •  A Modern & Evolved Martial Arts Training Team
  • Specialised Self Defence Training Against Armed & Unarmed Attacks
  • Exclusive Gradings/Training Level Test Structures for All Martial Arts MCMA offers
  • Train in many styles from Brazilian Jiu – Jitsu, Boxing , Muay Thai, MMA or KRAV MAGA
  • Achieve goals and do the best ‘YOU’ can do
  • Compete and ‘WIN’ in tournaments – amateur and professional divisions
  • Train in a Professional & Full Time Martial Arts & Self Defence Academy
  • Adult, Junior & Kids Memberships Available
  • All Ages & Abilities Welcome

Questions you may often ask yourself:

  • Are you looking to start doing something new, exciting and FUN that will challenge you mentally and physically?
  • Are you bored with exercising at the gym, having no goals and looking for new ways to lose weight and improve your fitness?
  • Have you found yourself in a dangerous or frightening situation where you felt helpless and wished you knew how to defend yourself?

Facts about our classes:

  • You don’t need any previous experience
  • You will feel more confident, safer and not be seen as an easy target
  • You’ll become a tactical fighter for the street and learn how to deal with difficult and stressful situations
  • You’ll be challenged in many ways and become fitter, stronger and healthier mentally & physically

KRAV MAGA – Modern Street Self Defence

Krav Maga is an eclectic hand-to-hand combat system developed in Israel that involves knife, stick and gun defence training under pressure and integrates wrestling, grappling and striking techniques, mostly known for its extremely efficient and brutal counter-attacks; this form of martial art is taught to elite special forces around the world. Krav Maga has a philosophy emphasising threat neutralisation, simultaneous defensive and offensive manoeuvres, and aggression. Krav Maga is used by the IDF Special Forces units and several closely related variations have been developed and adopted by law enforcement and intelligence organisations.

MUAY THAI – ‘Thai Boxing’

Offering members the chance to experience authentic MUAY THAI coaching. Our Head Coach BRIAN KNAPP has over 15 years experience in the art, from real hands on coaching, ring craft and fight experience both in the U.K. and Thailand. MCMA Muay Thai is officially accredited by the UKMTF (United Kingdom Muay Thai Federation). MCMA Muay Thai also offers accredited Grading Levels certified by the UKMTF.

Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) is a form of hard martial art practiced in large parts of the world, including Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. Muay Thai has a long history in Thailand and is the country’s national sport. Muay Thai must not be just known as a fighting art, it is also a form of science that encompasses discipline, knowledge, and respect. Not everyone wishes to compete in the ring but Muay Thai classes and lessons are probably one of the best ways to get and maintain fitness. The vast majority of those who practice Muay Thai in the U.K. do so for the sole purpose of keeping fit and learning the art of Muay Thai at the same time. It keeps your body in good physical shape and improves your well-being, mentally as well as physically. With regular training you can improve flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination, mental discipline and overall well-being as a result.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The Brazilians have mastered this art,  and it has become very popular in the world of cage fighting.  A Brazilian Martial Art that focuses on applying joint-locks and chokeholds to defeat the other person with grappling & ground fighting techniques. Ground fighting is also widely used in security, the military and of course civilians. Our KRAV MAGA system uses specific combative ground fighting defence and attack techniques for street self defence training only.

GRAPPLING – Throws & Takedowns

Throwing or taking down an opponent or attacker is often a vital option even in a street attack as many attacks or fights/brawls end up on the ground.  Many see Judo as the most impressive martial art to prove this and emphasising grappling techniques based on the notion that softness overcomes hardness.

Our Krav Maga system will teach you how to throw and takedown an attacker and also how to defend being thrown or taken down to the ground. As much as we train you to not go to the ground in a street environment, we need to know how to deal with this situation if it happens.

Strength & Conditioning

MCMA offers Martial Arts Memberships & Also Martial Arts / Strength & Fitness Memberships. A fully functional training strength & conditioning gymnasium is also available for members – AMA Fitness which is next door to MCMA – Lots of offers are available to all members. Just inquire and receive all the benefits of AMA & MCMA Membership discounts.
Strength & Conditioning is extremely important for your health and safety within your training programme. You cannot train in such an environment and not be healthy and conditioned, otherwise you will eventually become ill or get injured. Please be ready for lots of strength and conditioning, modern martial arts and self defence training. Personal Training and Specific Programmes for Nutrition/Weight Loss & Fitness can be designed for all members.