Krav Maga Certificate



With a background in competitive martial arts from age 6, David understands the discipline involved in maintaining focus and motivation for martial arts. David began training in Judo as a young boy, traditional Japanese Ju – Jitsu & Boxing in his teens, then eventually took to Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) & Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in his 20’s.

In 2009 David began cross training in different combative disciplines such as Krav Maga and Kali which opened his eyes to the difference between street-based combat and sport-based combat. Over the years David had the opportunity to teach and grade many students for other associations and organizations, which brought him to discover his passion for teaching, coaching & inspiring others to learn how to defend themselves and their families. MCMA as an academy offers a specifically designed structure for kids self defence, a more advanced syllabus for juniors and teenagers, and a full KRAV MAGA self defence training syllabus for adult members.

David is also highly qualified within the fitness industry and holds the following qualifications: Premier Diploma in Personal Training / Premier Fitness Trainer Award / Premier Nutrition and Weight Management for sport / Premier Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy / Accredited Stroke Instructor with ARNI. / J.A.C. Junior Athletic Conditioning Coach.


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