MCMA Krav Maga classes at the MCMA Training Centre, South Harrow

Our Krav Maga association is officially from Israel – ‘KRAV MAGA HAIM ZUT’.

MCMA offers authentic Krav Maga & Self Defence training for the street, society & World we live in today. Krav Maga is a real life fighting system designed to teach all levels and abilities how to defend themselves against an attacker.

There are no sporting applications to the training and will focus purely on attack and defence training for survival.

Scenario training is very important in Street Self Defence and Krav Maga. The training must be applied in a realistic situation and with aggression once the student is ready for this level of pressure. We expect that once a student has had 6 -12 months of training at MCMA he/she will be able to defend themselves against most standing attacks. We, of course have an in-depth syllabus that is used by the Israeli Military and also taught to civilians for Self Defence, so once students have progressed and passed their first phases of training and levels we will eventually advance students into the more advanced training phases, which involves ground fighting and weapon defence training (Gun/Knife/Stick/Bottle), further pressure testing and full contact sparring.

Krav Maga is known as the most efficient and brutal Self Defence system in the World today. It is not flashy or too technical, so most people can learn it quite quickly, and not struggle to learn the techniques that are being taught. Krav Maga is very direct and rigid as a fighting system which is why it is not called a ‘ Martial Art ‘ but referred to as a Fighting System or Self Defence System.

Krav Maga originated in Israel purely for the Military (IDF) but has now become known World Wide for its extremely efficient and real street fighting style.

We offer kids classes, ladies only classes and mixed adult classes in Krav Maga and integrate a full grading structure for all students to progress and advance to further levels of training.

Krav Maga Class Times:
Monday’s: 8:00pm – 9:30pm (All Levels)

Wednesday’s: 7:00pm – 8:00pm (Total Beginners) – 8:30pm – 10:00pm (All Levels)

Saturday’s: 12:30pm – 2:00pm (All Levels)

Equipment required: shin guards, groin guard, mouth guard, boxing / sparring gloves (only once joining do we expect equipment to be purchased for the classes).

Call the MCMA Training Centre in South Harrow to book your first class today on 07818 416 671.

MMA - Mixed Martial Arts

MMA / Mixed Martial Arts -
The MCMA Academy offers a wide range of memberships and classes to suit all ages and abilities.
If you would like to train to get into the ring or the cage we can train you, and if you want to just get lean and conditioned we can train you for this too and enjoy the Martial Arts journey. For more info on our MMA classes and memberships please go to the classes pages and find out more.

We also offer KRAV MAGA / Street Self Defence for Adults, Teenagers and children. MMA & MUAY THAI BOXING for men and women and our 'WOMEN ONLY' BOXING / KICK BOXING Memberships are all available. Please email MCMA to receive a full breakdown of the area you are interested in. Please specify if you are looking to enroll for adult classes, children's classes or ladies only classes.

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KRAV MAGA - Israeli Combat Self Defence System. KRAV MAGA is well known as the most efficient and realistic fighting system in the world today. It is very different from sport based fighting arts. In fact it is often difficult for an advanced martial artist from a traditional background to learn as it does not have a flowing style. It is also not really a martial art as it was created for the Military, but KRAV MAGA is certainly a Modern Combat Fighting System that has evolved into a popular, realistic and non-flashy self defence method of training.

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The MCMA MUAY THAI Team are growing fast since the big launch in February 2015. Instructed and managed by our Head Muay Thai coach Brian Knapp with over 15 years experience in 'The Art of Eight Limbs'. Having fought and trained in the U.K. and Thailand Brian can help you achieve your goals of getting conditioned and fitter than you have ever been or if you want to take your training to the next level can teach you the ring craft to get into the ring to compete in the art of MUAY THAI. If you do not want to compete as this is not in your nature but want to still learn the art and know that you are improving your skills, MCMA MUAY THAI is officially registered with the U.K.M.F. (United Kingdom Muay Thai Federation) and can enter members of our team to official MUAY THAI gradings to assess ability and qualify your MUAY THAI skills.

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a ground fighting martial art, and focuses on joint locks, choke holds and submissions. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu otherwise known as BJJ is mainly known as a sport - based martial art, but BJJ is also a great way to learn self defence techniques from the ground. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the most well respected martial arts in the World today.

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We have our own FCF (Fighting Combat Fitness) Women Only Club within the academy and offer BOXING, KICK BOXING & THAI BOXING weekly classes and monthly memberships. Our Instructors are allowed to be male but only Women are allowed to join the FCF TEAM. The FCF club has been operating for over 4 years now and growing week by week. Call today to book your FREE first class and experience a BOXING, KICK BOXING or THAI BOXING class in a comfortable environment.

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